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Kenelis - 'Remember How It Felt' - Released 26th January '09, Cat. No. BG0004MCD, (ITUNES)
Redwood - 'Road Trip' - Released 14th July '07, Cat. No. GT-R-001 , (ITUNES)
Without Grace - 'Money In Your Hands' - Released 5th February '07, Cat. No. GT-WG-002 , (ITUNES)

Without Grace - 'Without Grace'- Released 19th February'07, Cat. No. GT-WG-003 , (ITUNES)
Without Grace - '20 Yards' - Released 30th October '06, Cat. No. GT-WG-001CD, (ITUNES)
HipSlinky - 'Taking It Back' - Released 13th March '06, Cat. No. GT-HS-005 , (ITUNES)
HipSlinky - 'Had It Occurred to You?' - Released 31st October. '05, Cat. No. GT-HS-004
HipSlinky - 'Natural'/'Lucky' - Released 7th March '05, Cat. No. GT-HS-003

HipSlinky - 'Headhunted' - Released 22nd November '04, Cat. No. GT-HS-001, (ITUNES)
HipSlinky - 'Always' - Released 18th October '04, Cat. No. GT-HS-002

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Alistair Cowan - 'Why Can I See Stars' - Cat. No. 320-CD-01

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