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For those who are in the dark about MP3 files you will need an MP3 player. Try visiting or to get more information about MP3 or to download a shareware MP3 player.Right mouse click on the track and choose 'save target as' to download.

Track Source Size
Laslam Taken from the album 'Asylum', late 1995, recorded at Blah St Studios, Odiham. 3.2Mb
Gone First single released under Almo Sounds, April 1997, produced by Steve Brown (The Cult), with addtional production by Paul Sampson (Catatonia). 2.8Mb
Limousine Taken from the album 'Colourblind', released November 1997, produced by Mark Wallis (U2). 3.2Mb
Falling Down Fifth single released by Almo Sounds, this was a re-recorded version produced by Pete Smith (The La's, Wildhearts). The original is on the album 'Colourblind. 2.7Mb
Oblivious Taken from the album 'The Redwood LP', September 2000. 2.8Mb
Strange Taken from the album 'The Redwood LP', September 2000. 3.8Mb