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The Lazydog Album titled The Redwood LP  features sixteen tracks chosen by us from the past two years of studio stuff.  The track listing is as follows:

1 Make Me A God - Chilled track produced by us at Backline Studios, Guildford
2 Summer Dream - A version of this track was produced by Neil Davidge (Massive Attack).
3 Slow Blow - Quirky song some of you will recognise from the last few live gigs.
4 Vanitarium - Played at Guildford Festival.
5 Windshield  - Homegrown offering by us. Written and recorded at Rob and Al's studio at their old house.
6 Wake Me - Acoustic vibe on this which we first played at the ambient picnic, Guildford, several years ago.
7 Oblivious - Also available as an MP3 download from our site.
8 Strange - More like our old stuff, this one was gigged a lot and is also available as an an MP3 download (should have been a single).
9 Excessive Living - Chuggy song.
10 Postcard - Song about someone on holiday  who sends a postcard home but dies in a plane crash on the return flight. Very sad.
11 Still Waiting - Sounds like most of the emails about the long awaited album.
12 Blameless Man - Thats me...
13 Another Time - Worth putting on because of the extended guitar solo and acoustic thrash at the end.
14 Lewis Legbiter - Right, we now this guy called Lewis, but I'm not sure where the legbiting comes in... might have been a very drunk Lewis at a party.
15 Sorry I Got Your Book Wet - Well I am..
16 Road Trip - I think you know what we mean.


Right so there it is. We all agreed on the first twelve then voted for our faves for the last four.
So if you want to get your hands on this priceless piece it will only cost you 10, yes that's ten of your earth pounds. And we will throw in a free T-shirt as well! (just specify light green or khaki - see the Supermarket for sizes). T-Shirt

This album is available by mail order from us from the following  address, all
orders are sent by First Class Recorded Delivery and hopefully within 2
weeks of us receiving the order.

C/O The Rear Flat
172 Epsom Rd
Surrey, GU1 2RR

so send us your Name and Address (so we know where to post the album to)
please make cheques payable to Redwood and add 2.00 postage
and packing (UK only 'till I find out how much it costs to send stuff
to the Arctic circle). If you have a question just email us: (click here to email)